Two - Arkest Ten Hands

Spidery Face-Dancing Mechanic


From afar he looks like an overweight tinkerer, numerous tools dangling from the patchwork synth vest bulging about barrel chested form. Upon closer scrutiny, one might be able to make out the eight barely-contained spider-like appendages that he often has gripped tightly about his chest when trying to blend in with the normals.

Arkest Ten Hands
I am a Mutant Jack who Crafts Unique Objects

Might: 15
Speed: 14
Intellect: 12

Powerful Mutation: Face Dancing
Distinctive Mutation: Spider Legs From Torso
Harmful Mutation: Weakness in Intellect
Beneficial Mutation: Strengthened Bones

Trained in Numenara
Flex Skill
Skill with Speed Defense
Trained Without Armor

Crafts Unique Objects
Trained in Identifying Devices
Specialized in Identifying Numenera
Trained in Mechanics
Trained in Weaponcrafting

Quarterstaff (Medium)
Dart Thrower (Light, 12 Darts)
Explorer’s pack
2 Packs of light tools
Pack of mechanics tools
Pack of weaponsmithing tools
Synth net (self-crafted)
8 shins

Comprehension Graft (occultic)
Density Nodule (anoetic) – (above limit, dangerous)

Matches whose smoke form the shapes of unknown creatures
Mirrored cube


From Aeon Priest initiate to blasphemer to circus performer, he has had a diverse life. What started out with a life of luxury ended the day of his transition. A promising student of numenera, he was assigned to perform tests on a strange young man receptive to implantation. As it so happened, they both mutated at once. They escaped together, hiding out for a time and then splitting ways. He joined up with travelling performers, and as part of their circuit he had a nasty fall that broke his arm. A strange mutant woman restored him to health by latching on to him with a tentacle that came out of her shoulder. He saw something in her that gave him hope, and left the circus and plagued her for some time – culminating his attentions with a custom-made razor ring that would fit securely upon her bizarre appendage.

Two - Arkest Ten Hands

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