Clave of Whispers

The Clave of Whispers is known for being a small but elite preparatory school coaching youth in the ways of numenera, and less commonly known as a prison for those sentenced to be executed. It exists in the Cloudcrystal Skyfields in the Beyond, yet has many doorways to civilized lands. Most graduates go on to become Aeon Priests, as the majority of instructors are part of the Amber Papacy despite no direct affiliation, yet others go on to study at the University of Doors or otherwise become powerful nanos.


The institution is atop one of the larger city-sized floating crystal formations of the Cloudcrystal Skyfields. It reachable through well-guarded fixed-location teleportation devices, as well as the rare flying vessels. Its true location is a guarded secret, for the facility is entirely self-enclosed and made of living stone. The only non-teleportation exits are guarded by a combination of powerful automatons and well-trained glaives. The fact that it has an irregular orbit around the skyfield makes it that much harder to find unless its masters want to be found.

Students always arrive via one of the teleportation devices, and they are limited to exist within the facility to the point they do not even realize they have crystal beneath the stone at their feet. Getting to the facility is relatively easy with paid tuition, but leaving takes a sinister side. Only the death of a fully sentient creature of sound mind allows the use of teleportation chambers back to civilization, which is where the prisoner element comes into play.


The training has a very low completion rate due to being exceptionally demanding to students. To be fair, most who are sent to study there are from wealthy families who pamper their children. Most parents can only afford to send their child to the school for one year, after which the students have a choice to earn their keep through taking part in often dangerous trials or to be sent home.


The convicts sentenced to death at the clave live comfortable lives before their executions. It is on a lottery system, where inmates are chosen randomly to serve their sentence and let a student return home. There are inmates who have served over a dozen years yet have never been chosen, which make some question just how random the selection process is.

Clave of Whispers

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